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Domain Hosting Features

At Web Design Hosting SA we provide premier domain hosting services in South Africa. Our affordable domain hosting prices are designed to ensure that each and every business can now easily go online without having to worry about the financial implications of doing so.

We believe that our clients are as entrepreneurial as they are creative. This is why we have gone out of our way to ensure that we are providing you with the ultimate hosting services you need to get your dreams and actualise them online.

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Starting from as little as R250.00 per year!

Domain Registration

You can now create your own unique online identity with our domain hosting and name services. Register your domain today and make your website and emails both memorable and easy to understand. Worried that your domain will lapse? No need to! Our automated domain renewal service is designed to freely and automatically renew your domain whenever it lapses.

New Domains

You can now take advantage of our domain hosting services to register a new, unique domain for your business. This way you will be able to give your website the unique identity it needs to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Domain Performance

At Web Design Hosting SA, we believe that your image in the marketplace is ultimately tied down to how your website performance. If your website isn’t up and running, fast, and interactive for users, they will ultimately leave and go to your competitor’s site. Why take the risk when we can improve your website uptime and hasten the speeds at which your web pages load?

Domain Privacy

Compellingly transform plug-and-play expertise whereas efficient platforms. Authoritatively communicate sources vis-a-vis standards compliant partnerships.

Sub domains

Web Design Hosting SA will also help you direct traffic to your most important web pages using our sub domain services. For instance, if you have a landing page, this service will ensure that more people visit them first, instead of being taken directly to your front page. (NOTE: This product is available only on our UNIX domain platform).

Domain Transfers

However, if you already have a domain, you choose our transfer services to switch from your current host to our more affordable, client-centric service.

Why Choose Us?

At Web Design Hosting SA our focus is on providing you with the ultimate experience in hosting. From our domain hosting services to free web hosting, you can count on us like many other businesses, individuals and organisations in South Africa and the rest of the world have. We will provide you with:

Expanded Services

Should you find that you need to expand your domain hosting service, Web Design Hosting SA also offers premium hosting with extra features. However, our free website hosting service is the perfect opportunity for you to test out the murky online waters. When you have a better understanding of our service, you can commit to our new and all-improved domain and web hosting service. From free web hosting and extending all the way to our dedicated servers, you can count on Web Design Hosting SA to cover you irrespective of your needs.


Web Design Hosting SA understands that you might run into a couple of problems once in awhile. This is why we provide 24/7 customer support and care for all our clients. Our trained in-house experts will help you deal with all arising matters around the clock. Our robust help centre also comes with handy video tutorials, informative guides and so much more. Get in touch with us via live chat, email or by giving us a call on our 24/7 number.


Our domain hosting service has been tried and tested. Over the course of our business relationship with website owners and bloggers, we have learned about the industry, internalized these lessons and improved our understanding of domain hosting. We will never lock you into a hosting contract and there are no gimmicks or hidden fees. Try us today and you will love us. In case you don’t, which almost always never happens, we guarantee that we will refund your fees 100%.

Google Integration

We will enable you harness Google Apps and their incredible power with Gmail at your domain. This way, you can benefit from secure online storage, properly optimised websites and so much more. With Google integration you will be able to know that your emails are secure using the highest security protocols there is. Your domain hosting will safe and secure. We are confident that what we offer is the best in the hosting market.

You are in control

We provide the best comprehensive management system around, to help manage your domain DNS, email and URL forwarding.

Expert Technical Support

Our expert, friendly and efficient support staff are skillfully trained to answer any support questions you may have, fast and efficiently.

No hidden fees

If would like to update your nameservers/dns change, setup redirection or transfer away, there is no cost involved, everything is all inclusive.

Domain Ownership

Our policy is to always register domain names in your name, as entered on signup. You will therefore have full rights to the domain name.

Privacy Protection

Hide all your personal details from a Whois Lookup by enabling privacy protection. Where available, we charge R100 a year per domain.

Domain Pointing/Redirection

Domain Pointing enables you to redirect additional domains to your primary domain. Increase visitors to your website by registering similar or related domain name and pointing them to your main website.

Is Web Design Hosting SA Secure?

a) We are SA’s #1

Thanks to our fantastic customer support, secure hosting services and great prices, we have registered thousands and domain names and tens of thousands of websites.

b) Support

Our in-house experts will help you turn your website into a business asset and success. We are fully committed to providing you with the highest level of customer service at all times through our 100% South Africa phone support.

c) Supersonic Speeds

You can now publish your website – right at this very minute! We have made it easy for anyone looking to get online and start unlocking their potential. Our friendly services, jargon-free support articles and hosting control panel make getting your site/blog and new domain up and running a breeze.

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Below a list of our most asked questions

Is Web Design Hosting SA Secure?

Absolutely! Our servers are housed in a top-level Tier 4 data centre with hi-tech security, and redundant power and cooling systems.

Will You Sell/Issue My Email to 3rd Parties?

Never! Your personal information, including your contacts, is only used to provide you with professionalised and expert hosting services.

Do You Provide Support?

Web Design Hosting SA provides support for all domain and web hosting accounts, whether free or paid. You can get in touch with us today via live chat, email and phone call support – depending on how you would prefer to talk to us.

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